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IP Address Rental

Our role is to help companies and ISPs lease IP routing in an easy and simple way. Complying at all times with the international legislation and regulations of each registrar (RIPE NCC, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC and AFRINC) that allow legal validity of the lease.

The goal is that all our customers, owners and landlords, are completely satisfied.

In the rental of IP addresses it is essential to know the use that is going to give. In our case we only rent IP addresses for a legal and completely legitimate use that maintain the reputation and the value of the IP addresses of all our clients. In no case will the fraudulent use of IP addresses, such as SPAM, etc. be permitted.

We have IP owners who are willing to rent their prefixes or blocks starting at / 24 (256 IP's).

In a virtual and intangible product such as IP addresses, information and transparency are essential throughout the process.

Procedures RIPE NCC

Acquisition of own IP address

This process allows companies and Internet service providers to obtain their own IP address. Directly in the name of the company and without any intermediary, the company will be who will pay directly to RIPE and without over cost for intermediation.

Who is it aimed at?

This service is aimed at companies and Internet service providers, whether they are radiofrequency providers (WiFi, WIMAX, 3G / 4G LTE) and / or cable (ADSL, DOCSIS) and / or Fiber Optic (FTTH, FTTx) can also be requested by companies publishing content "Cloud" on the Internet. In the corporate sphere can be requested all those companies in which the Internet service is critical for your daily activity or your business.

Why do we need to acquire own IP address?

Due to the current shortage of IPv4 addressing it is time to acquire address at a regulated price. Because it is strategic for your business, acquiring IP addressing will avoid the over-cost that IP addresses will have in the future and therefore the loss of competitiveness of the company. Formerly the IP address had no additional cost, right now if you have it. The price that the assignment of IPv4 addressing may have in the future is unknown. Also in the same process, and without any increase, the company and / or ISP's will obtain IPv6 addressing.

Why have own IP address saves money?

An additional advantage of own IP addressing is the cost savings it entails. When your company changes its Internet provider, it also has to change the address of its services and / or clients. This hidden cost in staff hours for service migration could last for the time being. Simultaneously you can deploy IPv6. So, if in the future you decide to change your Internet provider, you will not have to rethink this type of problem. In such a dynamic economy as today, having the ability to change providers easily, is a competitive advantage, you can quickly adapt your costs. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by the implementation of the new IPv6 protocol and have its own address forever.

Do you currently have IP addressing and want more?

If your organization already has IP addresses and wants to get more, ask us and we will study the case, each case is different. There are still options for RIPE to assign you more IP addressing without having to buy.

CIDR Table

IP Adresses Bits Prefix Subnet Mask
1 0 /32
2 1 /31
4 2 /30
8 3 /29
16 4 /28
32 5 /27
64 6 /26
128 7 /25
256 8 /24
512 9 /23
1K 10 /22
2K 11 /21
4K 12 /20
8K 13 /19
16K 14 /18
32K 15 /17
64K 16 /16
128K 17 /15
256K 18 /14
512K 19 /13
1M 20 /12
2M 21 /11
4M 22 /10
8M 23 /9
16M 24 /8
32M 25 /7
64M 26 /6
128M 27 /5
256M 28 /4
512M 29 /3
1024M 30 /2
2048M 31 /1
4096M 32 /0

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